Our Honey

One of natures miracles, the bees build this incredibly complex structure to house their larvae, pollen and honey and then cap it with a layer of wax. As the bees build their special hexagonal home, they purposely keep the wax under 40 degrees, at which point it turns into liquid. In this maze, the comb becomes a store for their food . Western Australian honey comb, due to the fact that no chemicals are used in the preparation of the honey means it's some,  if not the purest in the world.


Why Honey Comb?

We believe that honey comb represents the most natural and delicious way to consume honey. While its not yet popular in stores, the untreated, unheated and unblended nature of it means you’re getting honest honey. As we say- the Honey Comb doesn’t lie. The combs completely safe to eat, and while it may contain propolis and pollen, it’s the way nature intended. Some people prefer to shave the top layer of wax off, while other spit it out or eat it.


Jarrah Honey

Jarrah honey, with its thick, dark premium texture is one of the rarest and most microbial active honeys in the world. Produced from the Eucalyptus Marginata tree, its high level of hydrogen peroxide is now being lauded for its medicinal uses as well as cosmetic and overall healthy properties. We are a key producer of Jarrah in WA and have our Jarrah available for export in bulk as well as glass/plastic bottles. 


Red Gum/Marri 

Similar to Jarrah, but produced in more quantities during the summer months from the Eucalyptus Camadulnesis tree. It has a similar dark texture and full bodied flavor, with a high total active rating. It is a favorite among our Asian and Middle Eastern customers. 


At Comb and Co, we select the best combs and under sterile conditions segement each one, pack it and it’s on the way to you! This truly is from hive to plate.